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Published Aug. 5, 2018

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4 stars (1 review)

"The second, thrilling novel in the bestselling Interdependency series, from Hugo Award-winning author John Scalzi. The Interdependency, humanity's interstellar empire, is on the verge of collapse. The Flow, the extra-dimensional conduit that makes travel between the stars possible, is disappearing, leaving entire star systems stranded. When it goes, human civilization may go with it--unless desperate measures can be taken. Emperox Grayland II, the leader of the Interdependency, is ready to take those measures to help ensure the survival of billions. But nothing is ever that easy. Arrayed before her are those who believe the collapse of the Flow is a myth--or at the very least, an opportunity that can allow them to ascend to power. While Grayland prepares for disaster, others are preparing for a civil war, a war that will take place in the halls of power, the markets of business, and the altars of worship as much as …

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Better Than The First

4 stars

All my concerns from the first novel are addressed in Scalzi's second 'Interdependency' novel.

The politicking is a lot stronger, more detailed, and very clever. There's some nice action pieces, and the world is developed further.

Emperox Grayland II starts to uncover the history of her nation, and because she's not been raised by the familial dynasty, she has fresh eyes that helps her recognise patterns others might not otherwise see. She grows as a leader and a character, and whilst there are some leaps in logic, it makes sense how she'd get there, but because we have seen her journey I sometimes find that the character we see here doesn't connect strongly with the character we saw in the first novel. Still, the author leans into her nervous and emotional-focused inner monologue often enough to show us that she is the same person.

Scalzi adds a character from waaaay …


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